09.23.2014 Prof. Crane by jedidiah

Had a lot of trouble with this one. At least it showed me that a lot of my problems stem from the base drawings. Something I’m still working on.

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Henry Parrish a.k.a. War

One more Sleepy Hollow sketch for today ^^

Drawn in Sketchbook Pro

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lots of ichabbie doodles from last episode + adorable jenny being happy that her sister is alive. this show is gonna be the death of me

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for the love of abbie [download via mediafire- this psd will work for most scenes but adjustments must be made depending on the setting (indoors vs. outdoors, day vs. night, etc). this is my first psd so please let me know if you run in to any issues. 

  • contains: curves, brightness/contrast, vibrance, color balance, selective color, and a warming photo filter.
  • adjust curves, color balance and selective color.
  • warming photo filter is optional.
  • please like and/or reblog if you use it.
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However, even a big DVR lift (and a strong lead-in from Gotham) won’t help Fox’s Sleepy Hollow to erase the deficit vs. its strong debut last September. It drew a 2.0 in 18-49 last night, holding onto a little more than half of the Gotham demo rating. That was down a big 43% from its debut last fall and also down (-17%) from its season finale.

Bad news for Sleepy Hollow fans.

It doesn’t take much for Fox to cancel a show so ratings had better pick up.

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Ichabbie love <3

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Anything can be tricked into believing a lie.

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- I gotta go and I won’t be here when you come out.

- What do you mean?

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No matter what i say, you’re coming back aren’t you?
i made a promise

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