Sleepy Hollow Panel SDCC 2014 -
Tom Mison is asked if he had any historical influences for the Ichabod character. Tells a story about doing an american accent test, using Heisenberg (Breaking Bad) as a model.

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Fox’s “Sleepy Hollow” cast attended Entertainment Weekly’s Comic Con Celebration during the 2014 Comic Con Convention which was held at Float at the Hard Rock Cafe San Diego on Saturday evening 7/26 in San Diego, CA.

Jon Wilson + Katia Winter + John Noble + Lyndie Greenwood + Orlando Jones

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@Lyniegreenwood II Entertainment Weekly Annual Comic Con Celebration

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Anon Request | “It was the only good moment of this interview” | Nicole Beharie

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Welp…he is in their spot!

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Hypable sat in on SDCC’s exciting Sleepy Hollow panel. Here’s thirteen things we learned about the show’s upcoming second season.

Season 2 theme tease

 The writers kicked off the panel by promising us that the theme of Season 2 is all about redemption, family, and hope within the context of war.

Whatever you think is coming… Isn’t coming

 The Sleepy Hollow writers talked about how while making the first season, they made sure to keep themselves updated on the audience’s response to each episode. As a whole, they found that what fans always seemed to love most was when their expectations were subverted so they could be truly surprised. They look forward to embracing every opportunity to shock the viewer while creating season 2.

Ichabod is catching up on some TV

 Apparently, according to Tom Mison, Ichabod finally watched an episode of Glee. “Did he like it?” the moderator asked. “I doubt it,” Tom drolled… at least until he realized Glee is ALSO a Fox show, at which point he quickly doubled back, “He loved it!”


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The writers talked about how the United States has always been a melting pot of different cultures, but that hasn’t always been translated onto the screen in Hollywood. It’s good for business and good for the bottom line to acknowledge every viewer, and with Sleepy Hollow‘s success in the ratings, other networks and studios are finally starting to realize that too. Not only is diversity good financially, but the writers talked about how it makes for better storylines too. By having different ethnicities on the show, the writers’ room has the mythologies of more multicultural backgrounds to draw on to create a richer story.

The cast added in their two-cents as well, saying that what makes Sleepy Hollow special is that it is a show with a diverse cast, but it isn’t a show about diversity. People aren’t typecast into a part; they interact realistically with the mythology.


From Hypable’s coverage of the Sleepy Hollow SDCC 2014 panel. :D


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A lot of different men will come on as day players or guest parts, and I recognize that there’s a certain strength that I have now, or a certain command that I have being one of the leads on the show that I hadn’t had before…. Just owning that space and not being expected, as a woman, to shrink, or curtsy, or any of those sort of things.
- Nicole Beharie, on being cast as a female lead and how it’s given her a position she’s never had before. (Women Who Kick Ass Panel SDCC 2014)  (via ororosmunroe)
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I’ve often played historical characters. I never saw myself as an action actor, but once I found myself in that part, I had no other choice but to expand the concept of myself.
- Nicole Beharie, on breaking out of her shell and choosing to take the role of Abbie Mills (Women Who Kick Ass Panel SDCC 2014)  (via ororosmunroe)
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'Sleepy Hollow' producer previews new monsters, gives season 2 scoop

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This is one of the villains in season 2 of Sleepy Hollow, who is this evil figure you may ask?  None other than the Pied Piper.  That’s right, the Pied Piper will be a villain this season and, yeah, I’m already terrified of him.  

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Tom, Orlando, and Nicole at the SH signing | via Instagram: angieleum

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